Two Decades of Gourmet Safaris in Cabramatta

For over 20 years, we’ve been organising tours in Cabramatta, making it one of our longest-running and most-loved programs. With its bustling atmosphere, unique produce and huge variety of cuisines, we always enjoy eating our way through this culinary hub.

Our tour guide Peter

Maeve was first introduced to Peter by her good friend Angie Hong, who is a great force in the Vietnamese community. Angie owned 3 restaurants – 2 in Cabramatta and 1 in Newtown – and would drive between them constantly. One day, Angie suggested that Maeve take her godson, Peter, along on one of her tours. The rest is history.

It’s now 20 years on and Peter is one of Gourmet Safari’s most experienced tour guides. Peter is exceptionally passionate about food, proud of his Vietnamese culture and calls Cabramatta his backyard. “From those early days, Peter’s been so committed. He works hard to make our tours wonderful, inspiring and interesting. He knows what the guests want to know – the best gadgets to buy, the best fish sauce, how to make pho at home…” says Maeve.

Peter has even gone on to lead Gourmet Safaris abroad, sharing his culture and passion by leading a tour to Vietnam once a year for most of the past 20 years!

Only in Cabramatta

“You can find a huge range of fruits, vegetables and herbs in Cabramatta that are hard to find anywhere else – the mustard leaves, durian, jackfruit… Cabramatta has a great link to growers. And there’s dumplings and roast meats by people who have been doing it for generations. And I love the black market along John St; pensioners selling homegrown herbs, chopped lemongrass and succulent plants. It’s a completely different, colourful world,” reflects Maeve.

Pho Anna

One of our stops along the Cabramatta Gourmet Safari is at Pho Anna, which was once one of Angie’s restaurants. “I love Anna’s cooking,” says Maeve, “she has her big stock pot bubbling to create this rich, deep, fragrant broth that makes the best pho. Th ban xeo is a signature dish and the Vietnamese iced coffee is always really good, too.”

Master Chef

Another stop on the tour is Master Chef, run by Lily, May and Johnson. “I appreciate that everything is so handmade and so fresh,” says Maeve, “in those steaming bamboo baskets. Their prawn dumplings are my favourite thing, although I have about six favourite things. After all the years I’ve been visiting, Lily and I have a blossoming friendship.” There’s always fresh things being made at Master Chef; buns constantly being folded at lightening pace, hot steam rising from the large layered baskets. 

There’s also a famous wall of photos of Lily and Maeve throughout the years. “I just love it, it makes me feel so special,” reflects Maeve. 


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