Gourmet Safaris April 2021 Newsletter

April Newsletter

Dear friends

Hope you’re loving the delicious abundance of Autumn and cooking up some wonderful feasts.

We are coming back into full swing with our safaris in Sydney and Australia with more planned for later in the year.


South Australia

We have suddenly had 2 places come free on our South Australian Safari which starts on Thursday 29th April – Thursday 6th May.

Yes its soon…But if you’re free, flights are cheap, the delicious wonderful state of South Australia awaits in all its glory…with some of the top chefs ready to welcome us, many great “finds” and “through the secret door experiences”, produce markets, private dining rooms, home visits, wineries ready to ply us with the best they create, many wonderful characters and experiences…and a wonderful group of food loving people whose company we know you’ll enjoy!

We stay in the East End of Adelaide at the new 4.5star Crowne Plaza and in the Barossa at the stylish The Louise. Click here for more details of the safari. Please call us (02 8969 6555) if you can make it or send an email to Suzy via return email. We’d love to welcome you.


We have another South Australian Safari in Spring – 7th to 14th October. Small group and books fast so don’t wait!

Victorian High Country

I’m just back from leading 2 safaris back to back in the King, Ovens and Kiewa Valleys of the Victorian High Country. Truly delicious and inspiring perfect week away….I’m still buzzing from the joy of being on the road again and visiting some of our favourite families in this most beautiful part of Australia.


So good we decided to come again in Spring – High Country Victoria 17th to 21st October. 

Click here for more information.


THE spot that everyone wants to visit right now – the beautiful lush clean island …we had such a wonderful visit last month and have an almost full safari for 13 to 18th November.

Here are some pics from our safari including one of Nick Haddow’s (Bruny Island Cheese) cows licking my leg…new experience I have to say! Obviously my jeans are delicious.


Click here for more information.

Anzac Day

Anzac Day is special day for Australia and New Zealand as we remember the service of so many. It’s also a day that includes Anzac biscuits. I was asked to contribute to a special (free) online cookbook that Legacy is distributing. Some lovely contributions from Maggie Beer and Curtis Stone and more in this book.


Please find the Legacy Anzac Day digital cookbook attached and the URL you can share here: https://bakeoff.legacy.com.au/

Sydney Weekender

On Sunday 25th April (Anzac Day) Sydney Weekender (5.30pm Channel 7) features two of our newest safaris (devised during the Covid pandemic).

These are the Newtown and Enmore Safari I lead with my elder daughter Kitty, focussing on the culture of the neighbourhood and some of its wonderful people plus craft beer, natural wine, street art, good food and more. It’s fun! Click here for more dates.


And the Marrickville Producers on a Thursday which is a walking tour that celebrates some the brilliant hardworking producers and providores including coffee roasters, coconut yoghurt creators, a smallgoods smokehouse, Italian soft cheese makers, ethical butchery, gin distillers, fabulous eatery, top ingredients emporium.


Incidentally, we have a safari on Thursday 22nd April if you’d like to come and join. Click here to book.

Safaris to join

We have spaces on these upcoming safaris… grab a friend and join us.

French safari – a couple of spaces on Saturday 8 May, 12 June or 10 July

Lebanese Breakfast – Saturday 15 May

Cooks Co-op cooking demonstration and lunch – Saturday 22 May and 19 June

Spice Safari – Saturday 22 May or 24 July

Turkish Breakfast – Saturday 5 June

Italian Walking tour – Saturday 12 June

Turkish Walking tour – Saturday 19 June and 31 July

Middle Eastern Safari – Saturday 3 July

Italian Walking tour – Thursday 15 July

Vietnamese Walking tour – Sunday 18 July

Cypriot Breakfast – Sunday 25 July



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Vietnam update

What a difference a year makes in so many lives. We’ve been wondering how our Vietnamese friends were faring, especially Jimmy Pham and his brilliant social enterprise KOTO (Know One, Teach One) which has changed the lives of many orphaned and disadvantaged young people by teaching them hospitality skills.

Have a read of his letter to us below…134 trainees waiting to see what may come…and Jimmy more anxious than he has been in his life. If you can help in any way, that would be such a help.

Jimmy Pham: ” One day our KOTO on Van Mieu restaurant was packed full with hungry tourists but the next it was sitting empty in a lockdown. At the same time, out in Yên Viên, there were 134 nervous trainees holed up in our training center. I was worried sick that we might never go back to work. That I might have to send them all home and crush the dreams we had spent so long building.

It was tough and it was scary and, if I’m honest, I’ve never been more anxious in my life – we had no idea what would happen in a week, let alone a month, let alone one year. But here we are one year on and we’re still puttering along albeit a little slower than we have in the past.

The restaurant on Van Mieu was unfortunately unsustainable when the tourist trade disappeared and closed, sadly, in August of 2020. In November, however, we opened our new restaurant in a quiet alley in Tay Ho serving Hanoi’s expat community a variety of tasty dishes. It has been a hard slog but we are finally beginning to see the fruits of our labour.

But…and there is always a but…it has been costly. Keeping our students fed and clothed and sheltered through this transition period has not been cheap. Our costs have not changed but our income did take a substantial hit.

I know it’s a difficult time for everyone. That money is tight. But you’re not just buying food or blankets or an education – you’re giving hope to a young person who needs it now more than ever. Hope for a brighter future. Hope for a better life. Hope for a better tomorrow. For this part of the world, it is now more than ever.

When the COVID pandemic ends we will be well positioned to bounce back. But in the meantime, your support has never been more important.”

Please visit the link here if there is hope to help:





All the best dear friends

Maeve and Suzy 

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